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Below is an email from just one "satisfied Client":

ICS worked with us to investigate and later resolve a maintenance problem encountered with the use of anodised aluminium sheet material as a form of decorative building cladding.
The cladding material was showing deterioration in its visual appearance, being experienced over a wide geographical area and which conventional maintenance methods was not improving.

ICS took a briefing with illustrations of the visible effects of the problem. He then carried out desk research and made sample site visits. Having identified aspects of original manufacture which could be compared with best practice he came back with recommendations for a laboratory investigation to check these standards in the subject material.

These recommendations for laboratory analysis were accepted on behalf of the ultimate client.

The final report identified aspects of original manufacture which fell below the ideal standard of protection against atmospheric corrosion. A higher specification of sheet material and anodising had been needed for the levels of atmospheric pollution being experienced. The deterioration was corrosion showing on the material surface. This was by now in the past, the material was already on a large number of locations.
We were able to work with them to produce, a maintenance and protection regime which gave a 'best outcome' for the client who had deficiencies built into the widely used product.